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Coporate History
Company Profile | NOGAWA CHEMICAL Co.,Ltd.

Corporate History

1952 Foundation. Takashi Nogawa started adhesives research.
1955 Japanese Nation first synthetic rubber-based adhesive completed. Sales started to Shoes Making Industry.
1958 Japanese Nation first adhesive applied in compressed air-sprayed completed, and well used in Automobile and Rolling Stock industry.
1962 Nogawa Chemical Co., Ltd. founded.
1964 Kawaguchi Factory completed
1968 Diasheet manufacturing facility completed.
Hiroshima Sales office opened.
1969 Nagoya Sales office opened.
1973 Fukuoka Sales office opened.
1976 Kawaguchi Factory acquired JIS certification.
1979 Introduce SGA technology from Dupont.USA.
1984 Transferred technology through technical cooperation with Yochi Trande Co.of South Korea.
1993 Shanghai Nogawa Chemical Co. founded.
1995 Ibaraki Factory completed.
2001 ISO 14001 certification acquired.
2002 ISO 9001 certification acquired.
2003 OHSAS 18001 certification acquired.
2004 155 types of environment-friendly adhesives developed.
2006 Environment elastic adhesive,"DX691F" completed
2008 Completed for polyolefin elastic adhesive,"DX748A"
2009 Shanghai Nogawa Chemical,100% owned subsidiary the "Nogawa Chemical(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd" and changed the name.